Outside Farming

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Outside Farming

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:24 pm

Those who want to outside farm i'm going to break this down. If you are farming and do this outside the linkshell farm/god time, either solo or with a group you will recieve points. Your points will only be updated when pop item is traded to a sack holder and you log who farmed in linkshell forums section. I am not giving points for how long you farmed, only for items turned in. Listed below is how much each item is rewarded, I will make a section for pop items we dont need for the week to keep people from over farming a single pop item.


Diorite = 5pts (Ullikummi pop item)
Ullikummi = 10 pts (you do not get both 5pts +10pts) (Drops Autumnstone) 1/2 byakko pop item
Despot = 10 pts (Drops Gem of West) 1/2 byakko pop item


Ro'meave Water = 3pts (Olla pop item)
Olla = 5pts (you do not get both 3pts +5pts) (Drops Winter stone) 1/2 Genbu pop item
Zipicana = 5pts (Drops Gem of North) 1/2 Genbu pop item


Faust = 5pts (Summerstone) 1/2 Suzaku pop item
Curtana = 1pt (Brigandish Blade pop item)
Brigandish Blade = 5pts (you do not get both 1pts +5pts) (Drops Gem of the South) 1/2 Suzaku pop item


Steam Cleaner = 5pts (Drops Gem of the East) 1/2 Seiryu pop item
Mother Globe = 15pts (Drops Springstone) 1/2 Seiryu pop item

Donating all 4 Kirin's Seal = 50 pts
Donating 1/4 Seal is 5 pt per seal (So go collect them like pokemon cards!)
Seal Donation will not count for pay out

*You control how fast you get items in sky!*

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