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[Gather Togther] 10:00 pm EST
[End] 3:00 am EST

1. Be on time, to receive full points for the day you must b in "sky" before 10:30 pm EST
2. Bring some form of Invisible and Sneak, Silent Oils and Prism Powders for both mage and melee to avoid magic aggro. Monomi and Tonko ninjitsu is acceptable.
3. Listen to the LS leaders, there will be times in the linkshell when we go over strategies/drops/jobchanges/etc. during this time we ask that you clear the LS chat.
4. No Drama, conflicts within the LS is unwanted any complaints regarding the LS and/or its members discuss through /tell with a LS leader or feel free to bicker with whoever outside the LS.
5. PASS TREASURE items in the treasure pool such as Summerstone or Gem of the North, we ask that you pass these items imediately so the linkshell can move on. Gods items such as Byakko's Haidate pass if you are not the one up for lotting.
6. Money Items, All money/gil items are lotted by the LS leaders and is sold. The gil is then stored temporarily in the LS bank. The gil, at the end of the week on SUN or MON is then distrubuted to members based on attendance with the linkshell. A minimum of 15 points earned WITH the linkshell and also attending 2 sky days is required before being able to receive a Weekly Pay.
7. Trigger NMs, NMs such as Mother Globe and Zipacna we ask that you pass the pop items asap unless told to lot. Weapons and food/drink abj. that drop off these NMs are free lot, but please be courtious to those who can actually use the item.
8. We do not buy pop items. All the pop items are farmed by the LS. If you want to "donate" a pop set by all means feel free to we will reward points.
9. Unwanted items, if an item drops off of a God and no one wants to lot/spend points, the item is then autosorted. People do not have to pass the item, BUT if the item falls on to your character there will be a [-5 point] deduction.
10. Pay Attention, during god fights it is expected that you listen and follow accordingly.
11. Warnings: continuous violation of LS policy will result in deduction of points and possible removal from the linkshell. Warnings are issued as follow:
1. first offence = standard issued warning
2. second offence = -1 point
3. third offence = -3 points
4. fourth offence = -5 points and temporary point suspension
5. Last offence = removal of pearl
*note: depending on the situation it is possible to receive immediate removal from the linkshell.
KIRIN: will only be attempted if there are 3 bards and 3 white mage's logged on and 12+ dd's are on.

LF(LoLFail) uses a point based system that follows as such:

+1 point an hour farming in sky.
+1 point per God (Genbu/Seiryu/Suzaku/Byakko)
+5 points for Kirin WIN
+2 point for Kirin LOSS

Lotting gear
Gear obtained from sky are obtained with the points you earn from attending events or outside farming. Before we do any gods we will always post what items drop and will take a poll. Who ever has more points will be able to lot that item, also unlike most sky shells you don't need a required job to lot an item. Example , Sush = 75 War, wants to lot W.legs (War can not use this peice) so long as he's point leader he can lot that item. This system allows you to get what you want when you want and also to move at your own pace.

*note: AFK for an extended period of time will result in receiving 0 points for the hour.
*Outside Farming: It is possible to earn extra points by farming on your own or with others.

Cool fact
*One of the main reason's why to join this shell
-We don't force you to show up to every event, you can show up and leave whenever you want.
-This shell moves at a fast pace, very easy to obtain sky gear.
-We like the referal program, sky not fun with strangers its fun when your friends are involved
-Weekly pay out mean no more farming for gil ^^

*LS RULES and REGULATIONS are subject to change at any given moment by LS leaders.

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